Curved Road


In 2014 I got the idea to record two songs as a Christmas gift for my grandmother. It was a very fast project. From idea until we had a finished product in the hand that we could send to my grandmother… less than 2 weeks. It was amazing. The project was called Curved Road. The name came from how my life was at the time. It was a long curved road and you just didn’t know what would happen the next day. I picked the songs Summertime and Hallelujah because they had a meaning to my grandmother. I performed Summertime at my grandfather’s 80th birthday party in 2001, a performance that people that attended talked about several years after and still today was one of the best performances I have ever made. I knew that even though this wasn’t my best recording, it would mean a lot for my grandmother to hear it again.

At one of the last performances I did where both my grandmother and grandfather attended I did Hallelujah and that’s why I picked that song as the second song on the CD.

I was so happy that I was able to do this project as my grandmother passed away in October 2015. I know she really enjoyed listening to it. And considering that we pulled all together so fast, the outcome was really neat! I learned so much and so grateful to all involved! My mother made the dress just in a couple of days, Iris Theater/Books and Crannies let us use their stage for the photoshoot that Prouty Photography (former Vintage Moments Photography) did. I borrowed shoes from The Heart Of Avon. It was a crazy fun project.