The Drifters Concert & Painful FB Memories

Yesterday morning my friend Michele sent me a Facebook tag asking if I wanted to come along to Arlington for a concert with The Drifters. Her husband was going to play the drums. Oh yes, of course I wanted to come a long! So after work I headed to her and we continued to Arlington and the Levitt Pavilion. Never been there, never heard about it either but I am not that familiar with Arlington so no wonder. We had a cooler full with drinks, peanuts and water, two chairs and a great mood. The sun was shining and we found a great spot in the shade.

The concert was really awesome. It was an energy boost big time to say it the least! The lawn was filled with happy people, great music, what more could you ask for?

Simply just one of those Friday nights that I will remember for a long time! Came home kind of late but it didn’t matter. I could sleep in a little this morning anyway. Had a schedule planned but that would almost be screwed up immediately.

I turned on my phone, went to Facebook and BOOM. Shit. I hate Facebook sometimes. They are popping up those “Memories” and there was pictures of my dogs all over the place. It was like someone stuck a knife in my stomach and twisted it 10 times around. I didn’t know where to go or what to do. Just wanted to disappear. I hate it. Haven’t been able to shake it off for the entire day. Had to go in to the office and work for a couple of hours. Had to pull myself together. Good and bad. Thought I might be alone but nope. But got the work done. Now I have to head over to the farm and pack a load of boxes. Once again get reminded. Hate to be there. Just want to cry. It is hot and nasty outside so I hope that I can get the work done fast. Then I will just head home and sit in a corner and hug a pillow the rest of the night… alone… Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day…

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