After two days at home in some kind of “house arrest” I could finally head back to work on Wednesday! It was nice to come back to some kind of normal routines, but as always when something is out of the ordinary Wednesday felt like Monday so today it is Wednesday in my mind while it in fact is Friday.
I had to take it quite easy on Wednesday. No fast movements and just take the time necessary. Thankfully I didn’t have anything major that had to be done, I could just sit at the office and do computer work so it was a great soft start back. When I came back home at night it was a different story. I was totally exhausted. The body was aching, specially my legs and I really didn’t know what to do with myself. Could go to bed fairly early and got a good nights sleep though which was very nice!
Yesterday went a lot better. I was more alert during the day at work, got a lot accomplished and that was a great feeling. And it didn’t end when I got home. I got some cleaning done and I cooked some lunch boxes and just messed around the house and I didn’t get tired at all. Went to bed around 9:30 pm and thought it would be fairly easy to fall a sleep since I had been around and about so much but that was not the case. There was no chance my body wanted to slow down and sleep. Finally I got two hours of sleep around 3am. It is a common thing when you are adjusting to thyroid meds to have some insomnia so I am not worried about it even though it is quite annoying. I feel good today, not tired (yet). Will probably be later tonight but what ever đŸ˜€

Will try to move stuff as much as possible this weekend. Wake up early before it gets hot and then rest in the afternoons. Hopefully I will get some work done. Discipline this week hasn’t been as I hoped for to be honest. It got quite thrown out of the door on Sunday so it is just to get back on track an focus now. I don’t really have any more excuses than it is freaking hot in the afternoons, and that is not a good enough reason in my opinion. Other than that I don’t have any extended plans for this weekend, prepare and pack for Nashville. As tradition tells, our luggage is going by car and leaving on Monday so I have to do some laundry and get that going as well. So, just staying busy!

Hope y’all have a good Friday and Weekend!

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