Thank You TPD and TFD!

It all started Saturday afternoon. My body reminded me that this spring had been a rough one both physically and mentally. On top of all that has been going on I haven’t had access to my thyroid medication for over a year except for a couple of weeks when I had a similar medication but it made me feel funky so I had to stop. My legs became two big bricks and didn’t want to hold me. I went to bed and felt somewhat better on Sunday morning. Figured if I just got started with the day and off to church I wouldn’t think about it. Church went well but as I came out in the heat it all started to go downhill. I had brought some laundry that I needed to have done and since the laundry matt is just a block away from church it was easy to get over there when I was done at church. I passed by the office on my way home. As I left the building I became really dizzy. It all went very fast. I remember that I thought “shit, this ain’t going to work” but from there until I wake up at the ER, I have no recollection what so ever. But I have apparently been able to call 911 myself and get out the address before passing out.

I, of course, don’t know who the call taker at TPD was but that person is awesome. She (believe all are women working there) dispatched both PD, EMS and Ambulance. Sometimes it is good to know people in town, both fire and Officer Scott recognized me. Someone had gone to the car where they have been able to find my wallet and found my ICE card and ID. Officer Scott tried to get hold of my mom and left a voicemail as well advised the dispatcher on duty, Lora, that I was the subject. Officer Scott was also able to get hold of one of my other ICE contacts that could get to the hospital. Lora then went up and beyond duty. She turned to Facebook, found my mom and sent her a message, knowing that she has hearing impairment and that is how mom and I normally communicate letting her know that I was taken with ambulance to Rockwall. That is just amazing! Not only did Officer Scott and Lora help me but thanks to them my ICE contact was able to make it to the hospital almost ahead of me! And thanks to them my mom could call the hospital and the ER with vital information about my medical history and status that was very important! She also knew that she didn’t have to rush out of the door or stress herself up since someone was already enroute to the hospital. She knew that in case something changes she would be contacted, she knew that her presence wouldn’t make any difference (we had this situations on a monthly basis when I was sick in 2004 so it was not in any way ignorance from her!!! It is an agreement between her and me that unless a doctor or nurse is requesting her, she stays home and wait).

As I woke up slowly, tests were done and they could tell that I have a heart that beats, a brain and blood, which is three pretty essential things in a body and all of it is functioning well. What came back that wasn’t really a surprise was the thyroid levels… none. Well, if you haven’t taken the medications for 1.5 years and you have had your thyroid removed, guess what, there won’t be any good results. So the doctor believed the same as the rest of us knew, an extended amount of stress in combination with lack of meds and maybe some heat made my body just say no and stop and thankfully before it was too late. I just have a heck of a strong body that kept going for this long without getting sick but if I would have gotten sick, it would have gotten way way worse without the meds. He gave me a 30 day prescription so now I at least have time to find a doctor that I might be able to afford in a month… and then it was a house arrest order for three days. I am not allowed to drive until tomorrow, not do anything that exhaust me or can make me dizzy. Eh… hmmm… sh*t, that is a challenge. Well, my dear friend who was with me at the hospital this entire time made sure I came home without a car so I can’t go anywhere. So here I am stuck at home for two days… lol… I got help to get to Walmart yesterday to get my meds and it was quite exhausting. It will take a couple of days before I can feel any difference with the meds but at least I should be able to get back to work tomorrow!

I can only be very very grateful for several things. 1. It happened in Terrell where I am known (good and bad to be known sometimes). 2. It didn’t happen while I was driving on I20 on my way home!!! 3. I have so awesome friends who rushes to the hospital and stays there for several hours with me and then takes me home and makes sure that I am safe and okay before leaving. This entire ordeal took almost 7 (!) hours. 3. This didn’t happen at a week when I didn’t have too much planned…

To end this very long post, thanks to everyone who reached out these last days! I have felt all the prayers and thoughts. Thanks for the help and calls and messages! There are no words for how much I appreciate it <3 And thanks to TPD, TFD, EMS, Doctors and Nurses at Presby Rockwall for taking so great care of me! And, since I know neither of you want to be mentioned by name, but you know who you are, thanks my wonderful ICE contact for staying with me the entire time at the hospital, and to my friend for visiting me at the ER and helping me getting to Walmart to get the meds!

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