Mixer & Ribbon Cutting

I had to work late yesterday so it ended up just having one choice of the events, the business mixer. I absolutely didn’t mind. Less driving and it was a great event. Pretty good turnout. Met some new people even though I knew 99% of the attendants. But I had a good time.

Had to dress up a little today since I had a couple of “official” events. One of them was a ribbon cutting for a new road they have built north of Terrell, FM 3486. It isn’t in the area that I am usually driving but I figured it is kind of good just to attend to see what is going on in the area. It was a well attended event with many officials. Despite that, it went fast and smooth and it was mostly indoors at Poetry Christian Church which was very nice and cool!

Sorry for the blurry pictures. My temporary phone takes horrible pictures.  It will be better when the farm is closed and I can buy another iphone again! But until then it won’t be any great pictures 🙁 It is so frustrating but nothing I can do about it!

Heading with some friends to Lone Star Park tonight. One of them is playing in the band tonight so we are just going to hang out and have a great time. I feel like doing something on a Friday night and this came up so why not! But for those of you who wonder, no I am not singing until November 10th so don’t worry! Just there to have a great time!

Someone asked how Barney is doing, he is doing much better. Finally, last night he ate a good meal. It took a couple of days where he was down and tired but then late last night it all started to turn around to the better! So the medication has worked out well and I believe the worms will be all gone at the end of the weekend!

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