Exploring The Neighborhood

I had a really good afternoon yesterday. Well the entire day was actually good. I was very productive at work first of all. Got a lot of stuff done. A friend stopped by the office briefly which is always nice. I love my office. First of all, Nancy whom I am renting it from and is my employer partly is so funny and second it is just calm and nice and a great environment. It has been such a great help for me to have somewhere to go every morning as I am the one opening the office at 8 am. And I get stuff done. It took me a while to get in to the routines etc but now it is awesome!

I left the office and went straight home since I had groceries in the car. Once they were unloaded and I had some dinner in my little belly, consisting of two toast (not a big eater at night) I decided I wanted to do something. I don’t know Canton that well still… haven’t had the time. Been to the park once but didn’t see the entire park so I decided to go there but this time park at the other end. That was a good choice because then you could walk around and not have to turn around.

I love the frisbee golf course they have. Like you play golf but with a frisbee. Gosh, I would be so freaking bad at it but it looks fun. The course has some neat trails that you can use regardless if you are doing the frisbee golf or not, you might have to watch out for flying stuff if it is on a weekend, but on a day like yesterday, I was almost alone. There was some runners and baseball players but in total I passed less than 5 people. So it was a very nice and relaxing afternoon. I really enjoyed it! One of those positive energizing afternoons that you really need sometimes. Came home and could just take a shower and get ready for bed.

Today is more on the schedule than previous days. Seems like everything is cramped in one day. Webinar, Rotary and then I haven’t made up my mind about tonight yet. I have two options. The first one is to go to Rockwall to the concerts by the lake and the second one is to go to a business mixer in Terrell. There are pro’s and con’s with both. Will make up my mind throughout the day what I will do… might end up doing none of them 😀 you never know. The concert sounds fun and the business mixer sounds beneficial.
But before all that is a day with work so I better get it started right now!

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