Barney to the ER

Yesterday didn’t really end as I wanted it too. Mom had already in the morning advised me that her youngest Great Dane Barney wasn’t doing very well. He was lethargic and had started to vomit. She would keep an eye on him through the morning but he didn’t really improve much. She called the vet’s office but since we still had a balance they were not too happy to take him in unless we could pay some on that balance. Something I totally understand but it also, as an animal lover made me frustrated. It is all about time you know. I see a light in the end of the tunnel and that is August 31st, when the farm is closed and we have moved. Until then everything is just frustrating.

The day went and suddenly our realtor called and said she had a moneyorder for us of $100 from the escrow money that she would come by with! It felt like a gift from God! I called the vet and asked if they would accept that, and they would. So I headed over to mom and picked up Barney.
Dr. New at Terrell Vet is an amazing doctor. It was very emotional for me to be back there but I only cried once *lol*. He could tell fast that there was not a bloat going on (one major thing crossed off the list). They took a fecal and an x-ray of his tummy. The x-ray came back good, no blockage (second major thing crossed off the list *phew*) but he had a lot of gas in his intestines. The fecal had a bunch of hook worms and that can certainly give exactly his symptoms. Out of all very expensive options there are, we came out with the least expensive! Thank you Lord! Even though Barney wasn’t the worst case scenario I have brought in to a vet’s office I wasn’t really sure how bad this was.
So he got some dewormer and pain meds and we also got dewormer to mom’s other two dogs so we get rid of this once and for all!

I also need to give Alex at American National Bank in Walmart a huge shout out for helping me cashing the money order yesterday. I first went to the mini bank downtown and they refused because I didn’t have enough funds on my account and Walmart didn’t cash those kinds of money orders apparently. Thank you Alex! Barney really appreciate you helping and going up and beyond! <3

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