Let the craziness begin

I know that the upcoming 1.5 month will be the most crazy time in my life. The process with selling the farm is so far along now so I need to take major actions in getting my stuff out as soon as possible. There is no return. Every day I have to go by the farm and get a load out of the house. I am driving the RAV4 again, which I love because it is such a fun car but it is also smaller so I can’t take as much with me every day. A test of my discipline I guess.

It is only 2.5 weeks until Nashville. GAAAAH. Can’t wait. So freaking excited you just can’t get it. I need to get away so much now! Erin and I are so on top of it, as we always are!
I come home from Nashville, have two “regular” days and then its Canton weekend again! So there is almost 1.5 weeks that I am losing from the move. It is all about planning and it will be figured out. I am about to soon finish up a big project at work. I aim for getting it done by the end of this week. At least the part I am assigned for now. I met another client yesterday and they had a major project for me that will be a long term project, also book keeping and other stuff. It is kind of hard for me to grasp how people/businesses in today’s technology world still does their book keeping with pen and paper… but they do… and this project is all about making it easier for them. Finding a good sustainable solutions. I can just say that I will surely be a quick books expert soon šŸ˜€

After Canton Weekend all effort will be on the move basically. We are now looking for a place where mom can stay. She thought she had somewhere, well that wasn’t the case… The problem is that she has 3 Great Danes that needs to come with her. And NO she ain’t staying with me! That is NOT an option. It is time for us to live at two different locations. Period. The closing date is still August 31st but can be earlier. Our realtor believes mid August so it is better to be ready than have to stress. Well you always have to stress anyway in one way or the other. But right now it is all before and after closing.

Knowing all this, I am mentally prepared for a busy time ahead of me. I have made a strategy in my mind and hope that I will be able to keep it to the very longest… So, here we go… ready or not


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