Christmas In July

Today was one of the traditional events in town, Christmas In July. When I unpacked last week I found my Miss Claus costume and I figured, why not wear it? You can only wear that once a year (well now twice) and why not just take the opportunity. Yes it was quite warm but running in and out of stores I had imagined that it would be worse than it was. But it sure was a blast to wear it! Great from a business point of view because no one missed me *lol*

It was more interesting to go to Walmart after the event and buy a car battery in this outfit. People thought I had gone entirely crazy and many stopped and asked what the occasion. I bet I got a couple of people to head downtown after talking to them to check it out. That is something to think about to next year! Thankfully I have never been the one that is afraid of do something fun and different and have people look at me 🙂

I believe most of the businesses had a great turnout. I was walking around quite a bit so it is hard to get an overall view. Headed back to the office afterwards to get the pictures I took ready and uploaded to InTerrell’s Facebook page. Since we don’t have any choir practice in July I had to spend some time listening to the music we are singing in worship tomorrow.

Isn’t this dedication and multitasking? The music in my ears, the scores next to me in case I had to look at them and figure something out in front of the computer editing pictures… Kind of proud of myself actually. We are allowed to have the scores with us tomorrow but with me now singing soprano instead of alto, it makes my life so much easier. Will soon head home and be able to sing it out loud as well so I will be able to sing it with no problems tomorrow. We have the lyrics on the screen in front of us which helps with that as well 🙂

So time to head home and sing… Don’t have any plans for tonight so it won’t be happening very much. Don’t even know if I have anything eatable at home… hmmm… well well, we will figure that out!

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