I was approach today by an upset person here in town. I don’t want to mention any names because I don’t want to stir up things more than necessary but I do feel I have to highlight and answer the criticism in this matter. I run the website InTerrell.Net. For those of you who never heard about it it is a website that highlights positive things going on in Terrell and surrounding areas. We are not a news site, we don’t go chasing news about wrecks, fires and that kind of stuff. We publish press releases from the police department, fire department when they come to us because we believe that is the information they need or want to have out in the public. When they come to us, we copy, paste and spell check them. Never change the content.

This person approached me today stating that I didn’t support their business and was asking what I had against them. I was quite surprised and asked why “hen” believed that I didn’t support them or had anything against them and the answer was because I never posted about their events. Well did you let me know about the event? Well the answer was “you could have asked”…

Here is the deal… I am a one man show. Right now I don’t make any money what so ever on this website. I spend hours in front of the computer picking up news, events, and stories from social media and other sources. There are a lot of things that I miss or don’t find out about until it is too late to publish about it so if you don’t let me know about it, there is no way I can post about it. It never ever has to do about me not liking your business, not supporting your business or anyone associated with your business, I simply don’t know about your event!
I am active in the small business community, I try to run to as many meetings, events, happenings as I possibly can to keep up to date on what is going on. I try hard to help support everyone in this town as much as I can but there is still only one of me. I can’t afford to hire someone else. So I also need your help. If you as a small business, organization, church, event planner, what so ever have an event you want to have a story about or need help to spread the word about, YOU need to let me know about it! I can’t read your mind, sorry I wasn’t gifted with that.

Christmas In July is tomorrow here in town. I have been asking and asking and asking what businesses are doing and NO ONE!!!! I mean no one has returned to me and let me know. The only answer I got was basically “Go to People In Terrell or the small business group on Facebook”. Really? I have tried to keep up with it but If you don’t let me know what you are doing when I am kindly asking, don’t be mad at me for not mentioning your business in the post. All it takes is a phone call or if you don’t want to talk to me, send me an email. As simple as that!

Many people are distancing themselves from me after what has happened this spring. Don’t think I can’t see that you are avoiding me, don’t think I don’t notice the chatter behind my back. Don’t think that I don’t know about all the rumors going around about me. Yes, I have been in some very very dark places. I have learned who are my friends and who are not. I have learned a lot about myself and others thru out this time. I know exactly who was there for me when I needed it, I know exactly who pulled me out of the dark and took me under my arms and helped me back on my feet. Were you one of them? Or were you one of them going quiet and turned around when I walked in the room not knowing how to behave? Think about it…

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