Fourth Of July

I don’t think this Independence day will go to the history as one of the most boring but at least one of the more relaxed there has ever been. Woke up to the sound of rain on the roof, it was around 7am. Just that was amazing. Not having to rush up, have somewhere to be, something to do. I could just stay in bed and listen to the rain. Go up and make me breakfast, take my time, not stress, take a shower. A Swedish friend is moving back in a couple of weeks and had asked me if I needed anything like kitchen appliances, Christmas decorations and other stuff. I never say never to that since I rarely have anything. So I knew that she was coming over sometimes around lunch. And it turned out to Christmas In July for me BIG TIME. Crock Pot, a big awesome microwave, plates, bowls, pressure cooker, mixer and a lot of Christmas decorations! Oh my how awesome this little cottage will be around Christmas! I am so freaking excited!!! It was stuff that I really needed and it saved me a bunch of money! I didn’t even have a microwave! Now I do 🙂 It will help so much! After having lunch at Duke’s Burger I was busy unpacking all this stuff and putting it all away. I can only say that with all this appliances, I will need a bigger fridge with a bigger freezer so I can keep food longer.

I had planned on heading to Terrell in the afternoon to see people and the fire works but changed my mind. In all the stuff I was given was a book that caught my attention and I started to read it instead. Usually I get really tired from reading but for some reason this book caught my attention and being curled up on the bed reading sounded much more relaxing and comfortable than anything else. Liza Marklund is one of my favorite Swedish authors and even this book is in English, it is really awesome.
So the dress that I bought for today is still in the closet, never worn. But there will be another day for it to be used instead. I’m not worried about that. Heard some fireworks in the distance after dark but couldn’t see much. Wasn’t bothered about it either. Just awkward not to have to worry about the dogs. I thought a lot about Tivoli and the other dogs whom I know is afraid of it. But… it is out of my power. I couldn’t do anything about it. I don’t even know where they are, can only hope that they are well taken care of and safe.

It feels like Monday today but it is Wednesday. Short week. Good week. A lot of work to be done so better get it started and over with!

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