Survived The Weekend

Another Canton First Monday Trade Days has ended. It was a slow weekend. I expected more but believe that the heavy rain that came on Saturday destroyed it quite a bit. I got the opportunity to watch some of the episodes of House Of Cards that a friend introduced me to a while back. I don’t like to get hooked on a TV series but I have to admit it is good. It is also fun when you can start and watch from the very beginning and not have to jump in in the middle, knowing that you have missed a bunch or have to figure out what it is all about. Well, they are on their fifth season now so I have quite some more episodes to watch left before being up to date.

This will be an awkward week with a holiday tomorrow. Back at the Terrell office today feels good. Have a lot to catch up with so there is not much time just sitting and thinking. I don’t have any plans for tomorrow. Probably head to Ben Gill Park for a little bit tomorrow evening to be a little social. Since it is coming along with the move I know that I have to take at least one load of boxes and stuff back to my new house. The buyers of our place got their house sold so everything is on schedule that we will close sometimes between August 19th and 31st. We don’t have an exact date yet but it is important that mom founds somewhere to live and gets ready as much as possible. I have more small stuff to be moved, don’t ask me where I am going to put everything but that will have to be figured out in one way or the other. I am just very excited that it is coming along. I am so ready to move on in my life and leave that place.

I also have a bunch of music to work on and practice. Fun. The new project at least has a name now. Might not be the name in the end but the work-name for it is “Sparkle”. I have the graphics in my head, at least ideas for it. I am aiming to sit in front of the piano at church at least for an hour a day this week (not tomorrow of course) and practice. I really think it will be so much fun and awesome in the end since it is not so much stress with this. I will be able to give you some leads and hints thru out the journey so stay put folks!

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