Crazy Fun New Project

Sometimes things, positive things, are thrown in your lap in the most strange way you ever can imagine! Yesterday was one of those times. I get a phone call that would turn out to a fast spinning new project that I am so excited about and can’t talk about. I know. Isn’t it just so crazy but it is too early. But I can say that it has to do with music. Yes, it has to do with something big. Or it can turn out really big. Y’all know me, when the wheel spins, it goes freaking fast and this is one of those situations! Strings are already getting pulled left and right and emails are sent all over the place, ideas are sparkling, outlines are made yet everything still in the beginning and in some kind of standstill. But where I am right now is basically on the sideline of a huge field of opportunities, it is all about where I want to go, where I want to take this project. No one is telling me how to do this or what to do with it, a situation I am not used to at all so it is such a big challenge yet so exciting. And I have so many ideas in my head so it also about getting them out of there and do something with them. In the same time I have to keep up what I am doing daily. This week is Canton Weekend and yes it is freaking hard to concentrate today when I have this too. But I can do it. It is positive and fun and it makes me smile so I am not complaining at all! I am sitting somewhere on a cloud and I don’t feel like coming down at all, just so you know… LOL

Had our last choir practice for the summer last night. It was a lot of fun. I am back among the sopranos, that was nice. Always been more comfortable in the soprano section. But I sure can feel in my voice today that I also spent a couple of hours both before and after the choir practice with other music. It was just so fun. One of those days I didn’t want to go to bed but I really had to because of work. Had to be back on the fairgrounds at 7am. It is early, but what do you do? You get your butt out the bed when the alarm rings at 5:30am. Glad that I am close to the fairgrounds.

Well, time to get back to work now!


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