Weekend Roller Coaster

It is Memorial Day today. I have always attended the Memorial Service at the Veterans Memorial Park here in Terrell, and this year was now exception. It is always a great event that is well attended. Though I thought it was a little less people there this year than previous years. The weather was really awesome, cloudy which didn’t make it too warm but very comfortable. The rest of the day will be spent at the office since we open the codes for Canton WiFi today. I also have some other stuff to catch up on so it is a perfect time to just sit and do what I need. It is actually the first day this weekend that I have some kind of energy to do anything.

Got really tired on Friday afternoon and finally had to give in and go home early. Went straight to bed and slept for over 12.5 hours. Guess I was quite tired. And of course after sleeping that long my body was quite stiff. But I went out to my babies, the horses to check on them. I had to walk a little further than last time but as soon as they heard me they came running! And this day I even had carrots and apples with me for them.

They were doing great, some small wounds here and there but nothing serious. They are eating and eating and eating which is awesome! Just what they need to do!

Headed off to the office for a little bit and did some updates before heading to the airport where the Mark Hardin Memorial Air Race was going to be held. The weather was very hazy. Not very good visibility. They wanted to have the airplanes in the air by 1pm, well that was not possible. I had some food and listened to my friend Dock Ballard that was playing. At 1:45pm I decided to leave because they could not tell how much longer they were going to wait. I started to get a headache and didn’t want to push me much more. So I headed home and took a nap.
Until our realtor called with one of the best news we got in a very long time. We had gotten a written offer on the farm! And it truly was an offer that we couldn’t turn down. I was just so excited. She wanted to read through the document and she was going to let me know when we could meet on Sunday to go through it and sign it. Finally something exciting and positive happening! I so needed that! But it only lasted an hour.  The realtor called back and I could hear that something was wrong. The buyer had already withdrawn their offer. They wanted land with a house on, from the beginning they were going to build themselves. Really? They have been out TWICE and submitted a WRITTEN OFFER! I don’t think it is meant for me to be happy. I am seriously not allowed to be happy! This was just cruel!
I decided to do something that I haven’t done in a very long time, something that I shouldn’t have done and had to take the consequences from big time for later. I went and got me ice cream. First of all, I shall not eat anything cold. Second I am very very sensitive to ice cream. I know that I will fall asleep from it and that was just the purpose of doing it. I just wanted to sleep. I just wanted to get away from this pain. Why all this? When is it going to end? Will this negativity ever end? I needed a break. I finally fell asleep after eating about 1/2 a pint of ice cream. Woke up at 5 am with a headache from hell. Guess I have to blame myself for that. I can’t get a hangover from alcohol, but I sure can on ice cream. Nothing with me is normal! Usually I just fall asleep, never gotten a headache from it, and absolutely not this bad. Crawled up and took two excedrin, hoping that it would go away in time for church. Went back to bed and slept for another two hours. Surprisingly woke up feeling okay. Still a little foggy in my head but nothing that was serious enough to stay home. So off to church I went. Great service!

Decided that after all this sleep I needed to move my body a little. Maybe I could “shake” the last ice cream out *lol* or the fogginess in my head. So I went to the park and just walked two laps around. Felt pretty good actually. I had decided that I needed to do something this afternoon to keep my mind busy. So why not go to the movies. Something I rarely do. I don’t even know when I was at the movies last but I found out that the matiné are only around $4 and that was about in my budget so this might not be the last time I do! Wanted to see something fun so I went for Baywatch.

When you are sitting in the theatre you really have no clue about what is going on outside the theatre right? Well suddenly we hear something strange, but it sounded like thunder. And that was exactly what it was. And poff, the power went out. A movie theatre without power is a very very dark place if you didn’t know. We all started to laugh and realized that it was a power outage. Well the power came on pretty fast, the dimmed lights came back on after maybe 15-20 seconds and someone came in and told us to just hang tight and they would resume the movie. It was just enough time for me to go to the bathroom and get back and it continued! Well, that was a new experience! The movie was really funny. I enjoyed it, many laughs so if you are up for laughing at crazy jokes, go for it!

Passed by mom to pick up a folding table that was in the dog house on my way home. Realized that once again someone had been inside the house. Nothing visible was taken but all drawers and cabinets in the kitchen was open. Mom told me that she had heard something the night before but didn’t want to do anything about it because Kaufman Sheriff never do anything anyway. Well, what can they do about it when they don’t even know about it? Gosh, I got so mad! But what could I do about it now? Nada.

Headed home and called it a day. Took a hot shower and headed to bed. Once again tried to control my mind and not think about the dogs. Tried to sleep as fast as possible without any pills or ice cream. Worked pretty well after all! Got a good night sleep and had plenty of time this morning to get ready for the memorial day celebration in town. And now… here I am. Will be here for another 1.5 hour at least since that is what I have said that I will have the phones open for Canton WiFi. Don’t know what to do after that… the weather is pretty good so I just have to do something to keep my mind occupied… Well, I will figure something out, until then, back to work!

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