The Impact Of Music

One thing that has been extremely important for me throughout my life and especially the last couple of weeks has been music. It can control my entire mood. Both on good and bad. And also the opportunity of singing. But during the last two weeks I have had problems with my voice. Honestly, not really surprising because the vocal chords are so sensitive to stress and emotions. I often get the question why I have a big scarf around my neck regardless of temperature and that is just precaution. Walking in and out of air conditioning, being warm and cold several times during the day puts a strain on my vocals and having something around them keeps the temperature somewhat equal and if I get too warm it is easier to take the scarf off than finding something when I’m cold. So that is simply why I am always covered up like it is December.
On Sunday at worship I felt that the voice was slowly getting back to normal. Last two weeks has just been no power in my lungs, I knew it was because of the stress. My body was giving up a little. When I came home on Sunday evening I wanted to try and see for real how my voice felt and started to sing the musical Chess. The songs in that musical has always been very comfortable for me to sing. And there it was again. The powerfulness and the strength. A little dry sometimes but what the heck. I decided to bring with me some scores in the car yesterday and head to church where there is a piano I can use. And it was back! The feeling of recovering was awesome. I did a couple of songs from Chess and Mio My Mio that felt really great. Might actually record Mio My Mio soon. It is a Swedish song with English translation that is just so beautiful. So stay tuned for that 🙂
The rehearsal gave me a good boost of self esteem that I needed. Once again music showed its power in my life. I don’t have to sing for anyone but myself, just fine with that. If you want to listen or join in, you are more than welcome to!

This morning I was going to water the plants outside my door before I left for work. I have two strawberry plants and a citronella plant hanging on the porch and when I got to the citronella plant a little bird came flying out from it, straight in to me! I must have scared the crap out of the little bird coming with a big pitcher with water and she scared me! Well, I wondered if what she was doing in the middle of the plant so I lifted the plant down and sure enough. She had made her a little next and in there was two tiny eggs. Well, now I have to be careful when I water the plant, do it when she is not there and look to see if the eggs has hatched. I have plenty of bugs for her around my door every night so I will make sure to keep the light on since that attracts the bugs. I am so sorry that I scared her but I am so happy she is there and will do anything I can to help her (which basically means leave her alone but still try to water my plant). Nature is beautiful!

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