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If you have followed me for the last three years you probably know what problems we’ve had with our neighbors calling the county and SPCA on us several times. So, about a month ago they were back again. When they were out we had already made appointment with Dr. Holt to take a look at Acriz again since she is not gaining weight as she should after her jaw fracture and we had already an appointment with the farrier to come and trim the hoofs on them as well. The inspector came and looked and said he wanted a follow up after the surgery and the farrier had been there…
Dr. Holt came and that’s when we had to do the jaw surgery on Acriz. The injury had not healed correctly and she had problem chewing. Dr. Holt expected that it would take 4-6 month before we could see a recovery on her since she has to learn chewing again, probably differently than before. The report from Dr. Holt was emailed to the investigator so he could see what actions had been taken.
The first time the farrier was scheduled it rained like crazy and since we don’t have any barn we had to postpone his appointment. Well, it wasn’t until last Saturday that we could find a time where he could come.
Last Wednesday I get a call from the inspector. I was not home at the time and he was at my property for a follow up inspection. Not only was he there, he had walked onto my property and in to my house without permission!!! SPCA is an organization, not law enforcement! And he did not have any law enforcement with him! This is trespassing and unpermitted access big tim! I was so mad and pissed! There are no words for how outrageous I was. Well, now, since he had been around looking more “thoroughly” on all my animals he thought they were in bad shape, the horses feet wasn’t trimmed (remember, the appointment I had with the farrier was on Saturday, three days later), and the brown and white Great Dane was limping. Who was what? Sir, I don’t have a brown and white Great Dane! Are you talking about a brown and white Dalmatian (Dumle has a different movement pattern after being hit by a car 5 years ago) or a black and white Great Dane (Ina). Either you are colorblind or need glasses or you have to go a class in dog breeds!!! That is so sad if you can’t see the difference between a Great Dane and a Dalmatian if you are a SPCA Animal Cruelty Investigator. Not only was he very rude on the phone, tried to be some kind of law enforcement person, stating that I needed to surrender my animals to SPCA, he did not think it was good for me to have any animals! Then he wanted a “Texas Licensed Veterinarian” to come and examine all my animals and give him a written report on his findings and he would be back on Monday for another follow up. Excuse me but who do you think you are? You are a civilian employee of SPCA, an organization, but not law enforcement! When I came home, about 40 minutes later I found 3 dogs loose, Dumle, Ina and Jive! Not only did he trespass but he also let my dogs out and apparently had problems getting them back in.

Saturday came, so did the farrier. All horses got their hooves trimmed without any problems. I wanted that to be done before Dr. Holt came out on the requested inspection so after that was done I called him out. Dr. Holt asked me to put him in contact with the inspector so he could tell him what exactly he wanted. I rescheduled my entire Monday so I was available for both Dr. Holt and the inspector. I knew that the doctor wouldn’t come until late afternoon. But I didn’t hear anything from the inspector. Finally I get an email from him telling that he had left a voicemail with Dr. Holt and he said he would be out on Tuesday.
Dr. Holt came out and inspected all animals. Dogs and horses. I told him about his statement about a brown and white Great Dane limping and said that he probably was talking about Dumle. So we let Dumle run and run and run and run. We provoked his shoulder and the dog was still not limping. He looked at all dogs and finally he just said… “This farm is trash but the animals are good”. And this was the report he wrote:

“Facility Inspected. Horses have improved body condition. All horses have just had hooves trimmed. Dogs are all in good condition. Owner plans to improve appearance of facility. No dog presently limping.”

I took this picture and emailed it to the inspector on Monday night. Then he knew that Dr. Holt had been out and I had (once again) done exactly as requested. It didn’t take long until I got a reply from the inspector that it looked good and he intended to come out on Tuesday. He would contact me when he got closer. Well well, it was just to adjust my schedule again for him to come on Tuesday instead. But Tuesday came and almost went. At 3:40pm I get an email (not a call, an email) that he had been side tracked and wasn’t able to make it out. He was asking when I was able to meet him at the farm since he wanted to meet and talk to me in person. I gave him two options and he said Thursday at 10 am. Worked for me. I only had to let Rotary know that I would be late to the board meeting that was scheduled for 11 am but would be there, at least for the weekly meeting.

One of the things that I knew the inspector was going to comment on was the outdoor dog runs. So since I now had some extra time before his follow up I went ahead yesterday and moved the runs. It had to be done anyway and the weather was good. It actually turned out really awesome with Ina and Cha-Cha getting more room than before 🙂

And then today… Thursday. 10 am came… and went. At 10:40am I gave up. I wasn’t the one requested the meeting today. I have never requested any meeting with him. I sent him an email telling him that it was now 40 minutes after agreed time and I had other obligations and had to leave. I had now taken off Monday, Tuesday AND Thursday morning to accommodate his requests and for the third time, he did not show up or let me know that he wouldn’t arrive. I was not happy! If you are not able to make it, don’t you at least let someone know that you aren’t coming. I don’t have time to sit and wait for 2.5 DAYS for you to do something I haven’t requested. You have been out on my farms with 3 different inspectors and never found anything… when are you going to leave me alone?

At the time of writing this, it is 4:50 pm and I have still not heard from him. I think this inspector needs to improve his communication skills big time. I am seriously thinking about contacting his supervisor and advise him about this inspectors actions. This is not how you treat anyone, very disrespectful! My time is more important than having to take off work and re-scheduling more than two days, and bothering several people. Very very sad. I can’t wait for the day when we are out of that farm, long gone and left alone!!!


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