Jeez What A Day!

I was expecting Dr. Holt to come yesterday and look at the horses, specifically Acriz whom we have had problems with gaining weight, well that didn’t happen. He called last night and asked to come first thing in the morning. That’s fine. I also had the regular SPCA inspection today, and my goal was that Dr. Holt was here before the inspector. Dr. Holt said he would come between 9 am and 10 am which wouldn’t be a problem. I had a quick thing to do at 10:30 but I didn’t expect Dr. Holts visit to take long.

Well, 10 am came, and left. At 10:20 I decided to do a leap of faith and call him and ask him to call before heading out here so I could make my quick meeting in town. I know that Dr. Holt never makes it in time anyway. I was actually going to the Senior Center to give out the Volunteer Of The Month award to Mr. Dave White. He was truly surprised and happy with both getting nominated (by Kathy Lassiter, the volunteer organizer of Meals on Wheels) and then voted for as well. Always fun to see happy faces early in the morning.

I also had some other errands to run, I knew that the SPCA inspector would call before he came out and hopefully Dr. Holt got my voicemail where I asked him to call as well. So as long as they didn’t call, I was good.

Thelma who owns Poor Me Sweets in town was very very VERY mean last night ;). She posted a picture on Facebook on a chocolate covered strawberry. Who doesn’t want a chocolate covered strawberry… and at 9pm, when it is totally impossible to get one unless you go to Walmart and get you strawberries and chocolate and make them yourself… Well, I don’t. But Thelma isn’t really that mean all the time. She actually said that I could come by today and taste one. So I just had to! 🙂 Well, when I walked in her store, Thelma suddenly became a very mean woman again ;). I was facing the biggest, cutest Dalmatian teddy bear I have ever seen in my life. It was just sitting there asking me to take her home. Really Thelma? Did you REALLY have to put it right in front of the door? I bet you put her there that very morning just to make me want her! Well, as much as I wanted her, I had no other choice than leave her in the store. But if anyone wants to make Valentines the most awesome day for me, she is only $70 at Poor Me Sweets, 106 W. High St! Just saying. And yes, the chocolate covered strawberries are awesome.

Shortly after I left Poor Me Sweets the SPCA inspector called so it was just to head home. The inspection went pretty fast. It was a little awkward since I told him that I was waiting for Dr. Holt and hoped that he would have been here before him, but a veterinarian is always a veterinarian.

Finally, around 3pm, Dr. Holt drove up the driveway. And what I thought would be an fast visit turned in to something totally different. He looked at Acriz. For those of you who don’t know her story… she broke her jaw a while back. Dr. Holt was then “out of service” due to a broken leg so another vet came and looked at Acriz. He said it wasn’t much he could do at the time, just gave her pain meds and made sure she ate. Well she is eating but losing weight in the winter. Dr. Holt started to inspect her mouth and saw that her inside of the mouth had grown in to her jawbone. That made it impossible for her to open her mouth more than to about 30%. That had to be fixed surgically so she could open her mouth more. Well well… I saw the $$$ rolling. I asked how much that would cost, approximately $450. Well, not too bad, I could see me pay that off. So we started with sedating her and floating her teeth. Then we knocked her out entirely so we had her on the ground. Poor girl, I don’t like when horses are laying flat down on the ground. When she was down on the ground we could also examine her jaw a little bit more. Her right side of the jaw, where the fracture was is almost jacked up. She will never be able to open her mouth fully but with the surgery we at least got her to open it to 50%. Hopefully she will be able to learn to open her mouth as much as possible and gain weight again. If I would just have known that she couldn’t open her mouth, I could have figured out that she is eating slower than the other horses, and I would have separated her from them at feeding time. It is natural that it takes longer time for her to eat with that kind of injury. Feel so bad and stupid realizing that I let her eat with her buddys too soon, she will always need to eat separately now. Once we finished her up we took the opportunity to float Hanniball’s teeth too. He is getting older and older, born 94. Dr. Holt was impressed with his teeth, he actually have them all still.
But this little $450 bill that I was expecting was apparently just a joke. It ended up in $923… GAAAAAHHHH. But it had to be done. Just didn’t feel so fun when you ask before how much money we were talking about and it ended up to more than the double. Well well… Anything for the animals and Dr. Holt is really great with me paying it off. So now a couple of days with meds and we will see how the future goes for Acriz.

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