Productive Weekend


Saturday almost rained away. But I got a lot done at the office that was really neat and nice. You know stuff that feels good to have over and done with. A project for a client, some billing (always nice) and just random computer work. Figured out since I now have chairs at my office […]

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No Time To Think


Life goes on… rollercoaster style. The last four days has been an emotional roller coaster, both professionally and privately. Almost lost our storage but thanks to help from friends, we saved that. And yesterday we got the project started on emptying the storage units. It is a very very slow process… we have two units […]

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Life as Business Owner

There are a lot of things to think about running a business. Even though I have had a couple of them I learn something every day. It is constantly something new and that is what I love with being an entrepreneur. You can work yourself to death if you want but you need to enjoy […]

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Moviestar Oh Moviestar…

Oh my… this day has been crazy so far. But positive. Crazy positive. Well, it didn’t start that well when I realized that my roof is leaking in three or four (depending on how you see it) places and I had to put out buckets all over the place. Have to find someone that can […]

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635952434248444776288665586_Procrastination Meme 2

We all do it… procrastinate. I’ve had this project from a client for a long time. I’ve been waiting for material from them but finally got them. Then so much has been going on and I have just procrastinated this project like crazy. Until today. That point when you just say now or never. And […]

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Rain & Photography


Got in a hurry yesterday when it suddenly came in a storm. Well, we got about 30 minutes warning but no one said that it meant that God really opened the tap! It came enormous amounts! But it all was over in 1.5 hour. After that we could hear thunder and lightning. The dogs (especially […]

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Not Enough Time


Wow, yesterday turned into a VERY busy day. Crazy busy day! As all Thursday’s it was Rotary. At the end of the meeting I got a text from Gayle Harris at Books & Crannies wanted me to know that there was a movie shoot under the 34 bridge and hoped that I could come and […]

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Music Dreams…


It is actually Wednesday night when I am starting writing this but didn’t publish it until this morning. Had a meeting with E! Terrell today and had to go back to the office after to work on some stuff so here I am waiting to get answer about getting a ride home… Will see if […]

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Dependent On Friends


Being a business owner and living in the country means that you need a car… seriously need a car… when you don’t have a car you are basically pretty screwed. Well, I must say I am a blessed woman who has such AMAZING friends in this town. On Monday, Angela drove me all around town. […]

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Back In Terrell


I am back in Terrell after three WONDERFUL days in Nashville, Tennessee. This has been just the trip that I needed! To get away from normal life, meet inspiring people and happy people. Even though it has been long and intense days, it has been so giving, fun and just awesome! I will try to […]

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