A Lazy Day In Between

I’m having one of those lazy days today, in between two crazy weeks. Sunday is a “resting” day and I am almost taking advantage of that, except that I am right now at the office fixing invoices, feeling bad that I left four dogs outside and it is raining. Well, I will hurry up. I […]

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Dear Terrell, TX


I got myself a reminder today of what a wonderful town and community Terrell, Texas is. I have “only” lived here since December 2008 but it still gives me a couple of years of experience to be able to say what I am about to say. What makes me different is thou my knowledge or experience […]

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Amazing Horse


This is Hanniball (SWB by Highlight – Rex). He is my oldest horse, 23 years now. He is retired since a couple of years so he is just my lawn mower (as well as the other 4 lol). Yesterday he did something incredible and amazing. I had left work early, wasn’t really feeling well and […]

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Happy Birthday Polly!


Yesterday was a slow day. I was late home from the event center Saturday night. The wedding went really well and people seemed to have a great time. That is always the most important. At least in my mind. I am mostly just there to represent the facility if they need or want anything so […]

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Loads Of Live Music


Last two days has been filled with live music. Love it! I haven’t performed or done anything myself but I have enjoyed others and as always, gotten a lot of inspiration! Thursday night was the kick off at the Garden Event Center for Open Mic Night – Fall Edition. It is my friend Dock Ballard […]

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America’s Got Talent


I was watching the finale of America’s Got Talent last night. I love that show. Everyone in the finale really deserved to be there! I’ve been half following the show during the season mostly when I was able to, I don’t have a TV at home and have been working a lot but l watched […]

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Circle Of Life


A couple of days ago I posted this on my Instagram account and Facebook… I wasn’t really worried about it because at that time I had never had 20 likes on one picture. But by accident it ended up on my private Facebook page… stupid me… and poff it got the 20 likes. So I […]

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Important Branding…

I don’t really know why but this morning I had a feeling that I have to do something about this website. It was a good feeling, a positive vibe but I almost had to act fast. You know one of those unexplainable things that you probably never will get the answer to. But it all […]

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What The Heck?

Sorry sorry sorry… I am trying to get this clock stopped but it is just ticking and ticking, faster and faster. I don’t even have time to think anymore. A month has just passed… I am trying to realize that it is 1.5 weeks since Fred suddenly passed away. Miss him so much! Can’t grasp […]

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