What A Blast


The last two days has really been a blast! Yehaaa! On Tuesday morning I headed to Grand Prarie to participate in the groundbreaking for Ikea. I was there representing the board of Swedish American Chamber of Commerce (SACC). There was a lot of people there, and I only knew one, Tina from the Swedish Consulate […]

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Hot Topics

I can get frustrated easy but it is not easy to get me mad… really mad… but yesterday it happened twice. First some basic information… unless you already knew, which I truly hope you do, if you don’t you are in deep serious trouble.. this my friends is a school bus from behind. When you […]

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Carpe Diem

The famous latin words Carpe Diem came to me today as I started to write this post. It is a sad day, well not really for me personally but I got reminded of how fast things can change. There was a major accident on the Interstate (I20) in Terrell today that resulted in three fatalities. […]

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As a Thank You!

As a thank you for reading my blog, I am going to reveal a part of a project that I will do next week. You are more than welcome to share the post on Facebook and Twitter since you actually took your time to go here, or you ended up here for some mysterious reason […]

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When Technology Works…

One of my friends here in town Chad, owner of Two Guys Laser Engraving and Tiger Ice gave me a cool little thing yesterday. It is a little speaker, or first I thought so. Well it is but it is even more! So I turn it on and the first thing it said is “searching […]

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Chamber Auction


And then it was Saturday. When I woke up yesterday morning I was a little concerned. It sounded like I had 10 bottles of whiskey over night, which for you who know me, is very impossible. My nose was better but my throat was not. It was itching and I was coughing a little. Went […]

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Friday Already?!?


Is it really Friday afternoon already? Seriously? October 15, 2016? And where did this year go? I am like in April maybe… May? But October? No way! Just this week… I haven’t done half of what I thought I would have done. Yet I must have done something. but what? Time is just going too […]

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New Hair-Do

So today was the day… I needed an upgrade. Not just to look better but to feel better. I’ve said it before that to be able to do a good job for others you need to look good. After being down for almost 1.5 week it was time for me to do something so when […]

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